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Your « medical map » is evaluated according to your biological, hormonal, genetic and micronutritional profile. The specialised medical fields involved are: endocrinology, anti-ageing and micronutritional medicine, as well as cardiology and polymorphogenic identity.

An energy assessment is made using the ancient knowledge of Chinese medicine, an elaborate and natural method which is free of the dichotomy inherent to human beings. People’s inadequacies can thus be seen as the cause of fatigue. Postural medicine assesses the spine’s condition, facial tension and muscular contraction. These are treated through osteopathic medicine, posturotology and sporting podology.

The skin map is carried out using a state-of-the-art system which assesses the cutaneous status and delivers a full diagnosis (colour, thickness, elasticity, hydration, secretion). A parallel is then drawn between the condition of your skin, your general health and your genetic profile.


Posture refers to the development and active maintenance of the configuration of the different segments/parts of the body in space. It expresses the way in which the body reacts to external stimulation and its ability to react to it; all the while resisting gravity and maintaining an upright position, and also resisting external forces, balancing, [...]



Manual osteopathic medicine is a medical practice through which the diagnosis is given exclusively via the hands, following a complete medical questionnaire. The physician touches[...]


Functional nutritional medicine and anti-ageing

“One can’t escape ageing, so health and beauty are fundamental”

Here is the purpose of « anti-ageing » medicine: avoiding pathological ageing and favouring successful ageing [...]



The ageing of the human system is affected both by genetics and epigenetics, the latter field comprising the influence of environmental factors and individual history in the ways expressed [...]



The endocrine system is a complex glandular system which secretes hormones. These substances help control our system’s activities. Various hormonal groups control reproduction, the metabolism, growth and development [...]


Traditional Chinese medicine

Acupuncture and sympaticotherapy regulate energy flows in accordance with the precepts of traditional Chinese medicine, and accords as well to the principles of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system as practiced in modern medicine [...]



Dermatology is specialised in cosmetics in order to offer medical advice regarding daily skin treatments and cutaneous problems: rosacea, stains, dilated pores, imperfections, dryness, dry patches, eczema [...]


Cosmetic surgery and medicine

Cosmetic surgery operations don’t address malformations which are detrimental to a patient’s health, but to shapes considered to be unsightly according to general standards. The universality or relativity of human beauty is [...]



Le vieillissement de l’organisme est sous l’influence combinée de la génétique et de l’épigénétique, l’épigénétique est le domaine qui étudie comment l’environnement et l’histoire individuelle influent l’expression des gènes. Si les facteurs environnementaux de natures diverses peuvent accélérer le vieillissement, des facteurs  [...]


Manual osteopathic medicine is a medical practice through which the diagnosis is given exclusively via the hands, following a complete medical questionnaire. The physician touches